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Why Your Control System Should be Upgraded Earlier Than You Thought

Mike Jeffries | October 30, 2017

Control SystemCertain products come with expiration dates, and you will need to replace those items before that deadline to avoid problems. You have set perimeters in place to keep track of timelines for replacing parts or entire machines in your factory. You also have the backup parts for those untimely breakdowns. You run a business that relies on all the working parts to, well, work.

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Something like an inoperable legacy control system will undoubtedly halt production in your factory in some form. Without a good control system, you will not be able to keep your machinery operational to keep up with production. Situations arise on which you cannot wait for a timed upgrade.

Here are five reasons why you should consider an upgrade on your legacy control system sooner than later.

Phased Out Production
Older control systems require replacement parts of the same grade. Advancements in technology may have made your equipment older than you thought. It can become increasingly hard to find parts for your older legacy control system if they are no longer being made. There are not many suppliers that will continue making both old and new parts.

Less Knowledgeable Operators
As your control system gets older, there are bound to be a limited amount of operators that know how to use it. Once the new technology is installed, your workers will be busy learning about it and not the phased out version.

New is Better
You may be thinking you should leave it alone if it's not broken. You are probably not in the minority thinking that. Upgrades in any business will involve more revenue. The less spent the better. Yet, to stay in the competition, you need to consider the upgrade. New and better technology will continue to surge; usually for the better.

Get More
Upgrading earlier than previously thought will also give you more. You can store more information allowing easier access. It will become less time consuming, which will give way to better efficiency and productivity.

Safety and Production
Upgrade early if your current system poses a safety issue. Safety requirements change often, therefore, compliance is mandatory. Keep your people safe and your business running, and upgrade now.

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