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4 Steps to Charge an EV with ChargePoint

Mike Jeffries | July 19, 2021

charge an electric vehicle The electric vehicle market is growing year over year, with hundreds of thousands of EVs on the market in the United States alone. An increasing number of consumers are investing in EVs, and for several different reasons, including:

  • The positive environmental impact of driving an electric vehicle
  • The economical advantages of using an EV, such as outstanding MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent)
  • The increased convenience of recharging an EV

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With regards to the last point, many consumers have found that charging their EV at a ChargePoint station is fast, user-friendly, and affordable. However, if you are new to using ChargePoint you may wonder: "How exactly would I charge my car? What steps would I have to take?"

Fortunately, using ChargePoint is simple and intuitive. Here are 4 basic steps to charge your EV at a ChargePoint station:

1. Create a Free Account with ChargePoint

You can either create an account on ChargePoint's website, or download the ChargePoint app for maximum convenience. Once you have signed up, you'll have access to many helpful features, such as a map showing all nearby charging stations.


2. Start a Charging Session

Once you are signed into your ChargePoint account, there are 3 ways to begin a charging session:

  1. Once your ChargePoint app is installed, you can hold your phone over the station's reader symbol and tap to begin a session. In Apple phones, you'll have to add your ChargePoint pass to Apple Wallet before you tap on your phone. For Android phones, you'll have to enable NFC before you can tap.
  2. You can start charging directly from the app. Simply choose your stations and click the "Start Charge" button.
  3. You can use your ChargePoint card by tapping it on the station's card reader symbol. You must first activate the card before you can use it.

3. Unlock Your Connector and Plug It In

After you've already started a charging session, you should be able to hear a beep and a click. This signals that your connecting line has been unlocked. Detach it from the station terminal, and plug it into your car's port. At this point, your EV should be charging.


4. Finish Charging Your EV

The majority of EVs have indicator lights somewhere on the dashboard that are visible from outside the car. These will signal to you whether the car is charging or not. However, you won't need to wait in or around your car to determine if the charging session has finished; simply allow push notifications from the ChargePoint app on your phone, and you will be sent a reminder when your car is done charging. Once finished, simply reattach the connector to the station terminal.

As you can tell, charging an EV at a ChargePoint station is not complicated at all. Most EV owners find that charging sessions offer maximum convenience and affordability, and help to make driving an electric vehicle a true pleasure.

If you need help installing an EV ChargePoint station, contact us.

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